Juggerknot Theatre Company was founded in Miami, Florida in 1998. The company helped redefine the burgeoning theatre scene emerging from Miami’s Urban Core, showcasing and developing works from local and national playwrights. Today Juggerknot continues to push the boundaries and expectations of its audiences by delivering alternative, experimental, and non-traditional theatre works to audiences.

Juggerknot Theatre Company is the producer of the critically acclaimed series Miami Motel Stories, a real-time immersive theatre experience that takes place inside hotel and motel spaces within developing neighborhoods. Audience members travel through the decades and discover the neighborhood’s past, present and future one room at a time. Miami Motel Stories is telling the stories of our communities.

Miami Motel Stories Project goals

1. Establish a new avenue for performance space by producing immersive theatre in historic buildings while providing a platform for actors, writers and directors to showcase their talents.
2. Extinguish common artistic and audience complaints about Miami’s “lack of venues” by disrupting the way we utilize space.
3.Give Miami residents an opportunity to rediscover their city’s history using immersive theatre as the vehicle for traveling through the decades.
4. Give community residents a voice platform to tell their untold stories.

We invite you to help us continue telling these rich, authentic, Miami neighborhood stories!