Theater, at its core, is about human connection – something we’re all longing for in this time of Covid-19 driven isolation. In Long Distance Affair, a Zoom-powered, continent-hopping theater production which runs through Saturday May 30, PopUP Theatrics and Miami’s Juggerknot Theatre Co. p…Read More


    MEET THE WOMEN BEHIND MIAMI MOTEL STORIES If you haven’t experienced a Miami Motel Stories pop-up performance around town yet, we can’t express how much you are missing. While Juggerknot Theatre’s immersive projects have taken multiple Miami neighborhoods by storm, it’s their ability to comp…Read More

  3. Miami Motel Stories North Beach Tickets On Sale Now

    Miami Motel Stories North Beach presented by Perrier is here!   Welcome to the critically acclaimed real-time immersive theatre experience telling the history of Miami neighborhoods in motels and hotels. Written by: Juan C. Sanchez  Directed by: Ana Margineanu and Tai Thompson Things to know *…Read More

  4. Miami Motel Stories: Ground-Floor Performance Is Groundbreaking

    Miami Motel Stories: MiMo’s Ground-Floor Performance Is Groundbreaking With rave reviews (MIAMI HERALD REVIEW), mad props (the accolades kind) (VOGUE), and sold-out shows, Miami Motel Stories: MiMo is officially in full swing! As visitors to our speakeasy will confirm, we hold our best cards close…Read More

  5. Playwright Juan C. Sanchez on Connecting Neighborhoods

    We here at Juggerknot know the best stories often hide in the most unexpected places. So when Juan C. Sanchez was named as our resident playwright for the 2018-2019 we were also joyfully shocked to learn our groundbreaking writer penned much of his work aboard a Miami Dade public bus. We caught up w…Read More

  6. Miami Motel Stories Mimo; Enter Avra Jain

    Miami Motel Stories Announces New Partnership When Juggerknot launched Miami Motel Stories: Little Havana last October, we didn’t just want to make a bold statement. We wanted to completely change the conversation. MMS debuted at the Tower Hotel, one of Little Havana’s iconic and forgotten build…Read More

  7. Miami Motel Stories in MiMo

    WE ARE BACK MIAMI!✨ Just off the Blvd that drives you into the the heart of the Magic City, sits a brilliant gem of a motel with stories waiting to be heard.  We're getting your room ready all you have to do is check in! Juggerknot Theatre Company​ is thrilled to announce the next edition of #M…Read More

  8. Medicine To Rock Your Soul Recap

    Medicine to Rock Your Soul creates a seamless tie between local community artist and social health and technology organizations. Through the program, musicians, sculptors, photographers, actors, filmmakers, and choreographers learn to use their gifts to heal and expand the minds of others. In return…Read More

  9. Miami Motel Stories with a Splash of Chivas

    Everybody in Miami has a Chivas Story, Here’s Ours Written by: Vanessa Garcia When Juggerknot received the Knight Foundation Arts Challenge Grant for Miami Motel Stories, we were excited, to say the least. But we also knew we had to get moving to match our funding. We knew we’d need big name spo…Read More


    JUGGERKNOT THEATRE COMPANY’S MIAMI MOTEL STORIES IN LITTLE HAVANA ANNOUNCES TICKETS AVAILABLE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 Awarded Knight Arts Grant, Juggerknot Theatre Company’s latest project merges urban development and Miami history. Sponsored by Chivas Regal. Miami Motel Stories is a real-ti…Read More